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Glyceride T-Shirt


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Glyceride is a masterpiece of psychological horror. It is genuinely disturbing not just in terms of the gross out imagery, but also the mounting and creeping psychological dread Ito so perfectly builds up. We really get the impression that the grease soaked house is Yui's personal hell. I've never read a manga that evokes senses like smell and touch so vividly. Reading Glyceride you feel like you can smell the awful stench of the greasy house, reach out and grab the sticky walls!

☞ Printed in light white on a black unisex, super soft cotton tee.
☞ Available in a sweatshirt and limited edition print. (please message us)
☞ Please see our other Manga horror listings!

Chest: S 36" | M 40" | L 44" | XL 48"
Length: S 28" | M 29" | L 30" | XL 31"